Mark Richmond is a member of the Bath and Wells Diocesan Advisory Committee, and the practice assists a number of churches in Somerset, Dorset and Devon with the maintenance and improvement of their buildings. We also work with the owners of other significant listed buildings such as schools, health care facilities, community buildings and private homes.
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Church of St Peter
West Knighton, Dorset
Reordering and installation of underfloor heating
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Church of St Peter & St Paul
South Petherton, Somerset
New heating and inner porch lobby
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Church of St Mary Magdalene
Taunton, Somerset

New glass doors and inner porch
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Temple Methodist Church
Taunton, Somerset
Reordering, with new stage furnishings
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Church of St Michael
Seavington St Michael, Somerset

Reordering and installation of underfloor heating
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Church of St Mary of the Annunciation
Beaminster, Dorset
New organ, underfloor heating, chapel renovation
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Church of the Holy Cross
Hillfarrance, Somerset
Extension to provide new kitchen and WC